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About Us - SARL A L'Atelier


Within To the Workshop, the team welded for which every construction site is a new challenge. Specialists and natural acrylic internal, stone and outside skilled workers in technical joinery, joinery LG-Himacs, in layout of inside, outside.

This company of the urban area(conglomeration) nîmoise stood out as a recognized specialist of the custom-made, internal and outside layout(organization), for private individuals or professionals. The engineering consulting firm accompanied with his(her) workshop(studio), model and embody all the projects (furniture, equipments of rooms(parts,plays), decoration, etc.) which are then realized by the expert hands of the cabinet makers:

" Be allowed carry by your imagination! ",

" our job is to bring an answer to your projects and to make every effort for their realization. ".

For that purpose, the artists of A L' Atelier kept a know-how and ancestral techniques which they knew how to adapt to the modern technology. This mode of unique production allows today the team to mobilize all the resources necessary for the smooth running of the company: of the listening of the customer, in the construction of the project, via the assembly and the installation, to optimize the quality of the projects which are presented to him.

The company, which can work every types of essences, also knew how to evolve by becoming a specialist of an exceptional material: the natural acrylic stone, the transformer of which we are approved by the leading brand, LG Hi-Macs, for the South. The LG Hi-Macs suits as well to the professionals, in particular in the Healthcare sector for its hygienic and esthetic properties, as to the private individuals.

While working massive wood of local essences: oak, sweet chestnut tree, maple, lime tree, larch, Sébastien Prost admits a preference for materials modern as laminate or medium which offer infinite possibilities of effects of material. He(it) works these slender smoother sheets, for a dressing in resin of color, zinc, in lacquer or streaked with surprising nervures containing effects of floated wood, leather or hammered metal.

Thanks to these miscellaneous materials, we realize bathrooms, dressing rooms, bookcases, kitchens, wooden shutters, bedheads, furniture...

The joinery and the cabinetmaking are domains of creation without limit, among which Sébastien Prost and his team cultivate the real essence, with all the professionalism, the rigor, and the necessary innovative spirit.